Dominion Dracula Pinot Gris 2015

Dominion Dracula Pinot Gris 2015


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  • Variety: 100% Pinot Gris
  • Appelation: DOC-CMD Dealu Mare
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Yield: 7000 kg/ha
  • Oak aging: yes
  • Alcohol content (vol%): 13,5


The wine is prepared entirely from grapes of Pinot Gris variety coming from the vineyards located in Dealu Mare region – Romania, the seventh largest country producer of grapes in the world.


Pinot Gris grapes are naturally pink to pale red in color. In order to preserve the quality and integrity of this wine, the grapes natural color was not removed. Grapes are hand picked at full
maturity and fermentation takes place in stainless steel closed tanks with recirculation, at temperature of 14°C, for 14-20 days.


Pale yellow in color with fresh pear aromas. A well structured and full body wine with pleasant taste of ripe pears and mineral notes in the aftertaste.
It is reccommended to be served at the temperature of 7-10°C accompanied by dishes based on chicken, fish, seafood, cheese and creamy pasta.

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Dominion Dracula


Hot, endless whispers harvested from trembling red lips in the middle of the night tell the story of the cold, dark grapes blood rushing in the veins of those brave enough to indulge themselves into the powerful Reign of Legendary Dracula.


Dealu Mare vineyards make up the most compact Romanian viticulture area (about 14,500 hectares). The climate is temperate continental with cold winters and hot summers, with average annual solar radiation of 125 kcal/cm², average annual temperatures of 10°C heat amplitude monthly average of 24°C and an absolute magnitude of extremes over 70°C.
An average of 2200 sunshine hours from which 1635 are in warm semester. The annual amount of warm and heat is over 4000 degrees. Annual rainfall is around 500-550 mm mainly in winter-spring period. Home of Dominion Dracula Pinot Gris 2015 Romanian wine (Legendary Dracula).


Stephen, an English wine maker known by the media as the ““Flying Winemaker” or “Wine Trouble Shooter”, started making wines in Romania in 1995. Old this time his wines won over 70 gold and silver awards from competitions such as Decanter, Rose du Monde, Mundus Vini, Mondial du Merlot, Mondial de Bruxelles and The International Wine Challenge, London.

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