Castellum Dracula Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2015

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Castellum Dracula Tamaioasa Romaneasca 2015



  • Variety: 100% Tǎmâioasǎ Româneascǎ
  • Appelation: DOC-CMD Dealu Mare
  • Vintage: 2015
  • Yield: 6000 kg/ha
  • Oak aging: no
  • Alcohol content (vol%): 13,5

ORIGINTămâioasă Românească, described by Jancis Robinson as the ‘frankincense grape’ due to its aroma, is one of the ancient varieties of Romania. Romanians love the versatility of the grape, it can be fermented dry which produces amazing results or up to and over 150g/l of residual sugar.

A version of Muscat Blanc a petits grains, the variety naturally sweet does exceptionally well in the Dealu Mare region with its stony soils. One to watch!


The grapes are destemmed and slightly crushed, followed by 6 – 8 hours of skin contact in the closed press at 8˚C. Alcoholic fermentation occurs in stainless steel during a period of 14 days at controlled temperature of about 13-14°C.

TASTINGPale yellow, with delicious notes of exotic fruits (pineapple, pomelo).
Dry, the flavors of ripe papaya are intense, well supported by robust structure and balanced acidity giving the wine amplitude and length.
It is recommended to be served at 10-12˚C. One may serve it as an aperitif or with salads, seafood, grilled white fish.


Castellum Dracula


For centuries, archeologists, novelists and vampire hunters have searched for the Castle of Dracula, the very spot where it all began.
But none of them was able to decipher the mystery and locate the Count’s vault behind the walls of Castellum Dracula. Yet, some say there is a secret local beverage that can help
you see the unseen…

VINEYARD: Dealu Mare vineyards make up the most compact Romanian viticulture area (about 14,500 hectares). The climate is temperate continental with cold winters and hot summers, with average annual solar radiation of 125 kcal/cm², average annual temperatures of 10°C heat amplitude monthly average of 24°C and an absolute magnitude of extremes over 70°C. An average of 2200 sunshine hours from which 1635 are in warm semester. The annual amount of warm and heat is over 4000 degrees. Annual rainfall is around 500-550 mm mainly in winter-spring period.

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