Chateau Purcari Vinohora Vinohora Rară Neagră & Malbec 2015

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Chateau Purcari Vinohora Vinohora Rară Neagră & Malbec 2015



  • Silver – Decanter World Wine Awards

  • Bronze – Challenge International du Vin, Bordeaux



Vinohora Collection – a limited edition of Purcari wines, meets the indigenous varieties of Moldova and international classic varieties.

Vinohora in Red is the expression of local spirit and the international harmony, united in a Moldovan-Argentine wine dance. Its unique character is transposed by a combination of the native variety Rara Neagră and the classic Malbec from Argentina.

The delicate flavor combines notes of dried fruits and vanilla, followed by emotional accents of cherry, black plum, and chocolate.


Grape varieties: 51% Rara Neagră, 49% Malbec

Made from grapes harvested and selected by hand, produced by the traditional method. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrique.


Dishes of beef and spicy cheese.



Chateau Purcari Vinohora Vinohora Rară Neagră & Malbec 2015 (limited edition)


Purcari wines are aged exclusively in French oak barriques with a capacity of 225 liters. Depending on the variety, the aging period varies from 6 to 18 months, while the wines enrich with tannins and flavour components, which give to the taste and aroma of wine elegant notes of wood, vanilla and chocolate.
The private wine collections of our friends are also preserved in our cellars and we invite you to be one of them. You may have your own treasure at Purcari!


Founded in 1827, Purcari Cellars are a real treasure. Vintage wines from 1948, the Queen Elizabeth II Collection dating from 1947, with labels in English are some of the jewels of the Purcari cellars – where the time has frozen. You will feel the historical fingerprints left by the monks who built the cross-shaped cellars, thus blessing the wines.


Located on the west coast of the Dniester River, at an altitude of 110-185 meters above the Black Sea, the Purcari vineyards which cover an area of over 260 hectares, have a special microclimate that protects the vineyards from frost in winter and heat during summer. The Purcari microzone has a unique terroir ideal for producing high quality wine. The climate is characterized by active temperatures up to 3300 °C and a relative humidity coefficient of 0.68-0.75.
The microzone is known due to the soil composition – clay chernozem – sandy charred. The slope orientation determines the soil characteristics, which play an important role in forming the wine flavours and taste. The ensurement of the vineyards with light and heat also depends on the degree of the slope. The location of the hills allows maximum exposure to the sun’s rays, helping vines to grow and grapes to ripen. The slope also facilitates water drainage.
Thereby, vine roots penetrate deep through the layers of carbon soil in search of water, and the planting in ordered rows allows good air circulation.
The climate, the soil and the geographical position form the perfect ensemble contributing on the quality of the obtained grapes. The terroir has a high importance in the role of providing a unique attribute to each vineyard.

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