Budureasca Premium Daphix 2017 (Chardonnay & Feteasca Regala)

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Budureasca Premium Daphix 2017 (Chardonnay & Feteasca Regala)


General Data

  • Cuvee:Feteasca Regala (65%) & Chardonnay (35 %)
  • Harvest: 2013
  • Vineyard: Dealu Mare
  • Appellation: DOC – CMD
  • Dry: 2.68 g/l residual sugar
  • Alcoholic concentration: 12,5% vol.
  • Total Acidity (in tartric acid): 6.19

Harvest Year

  • Rainfall – 305 mm in vegetation period
  • The average annual temperature: 11,3°C
  • Insolation: 1610 in vegetation period
  • Vegetation: 210 days
  • Production: 8t/ha

Vinification Particularities
In order to preserve the intensity of flavours, the component wines from this cuvee were fermented at 10°C and to perfect the taste Chardonnay was kept in American oak barrels for six months.

Tasting Notes

Lively green colour, a mixture of summer flowers and honey flavours. Good structure in taste, fresh and a lovely acidity in good relation with the smooth oaky taste. Fresh summer fruits evolve on the finish.
Food pairing
Very good associated with fish and poultry dishes. Serving temperature: 10-12 ° C



        A collection of dry wines which have been specially created for wine connoisseurs to be consumed in association with food or on special occasions

The wines are a fusion of Old World and New World styles to bring out the best characteristics of each wine and to show their true varietal characters bringing out their personality and finesse.

Some of Budureasca Premium wines are aged in oak barrels. after bottling, the wines are aged in the bottle for at least 4 months. these wines have already won international acclaim, confirming their high quality.

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