Potion of Dracula

Potion of Dracula



  • Volume: 200ml

  • Fruit: Plum

  • Region: Maramures, Transylvania

  • Oak aging: Yes

  • Alcohol: 40%vol


  • Natural plum spirit (palinka) , produced in Transylvania according to a traditional double distilling technique.

  • Distillation process is made in copper boilers and classic alembic with open fire.

  • The culmination of this process is aging in wooden casks, which absorbs, rounds and softens, preserves and enhances the aroma of plums.

  • It’s rich in fruitiness, with a lingering, balanced finish.

  • To obtain 200ml of distillate are used 2 kg of plums.

  • Best served very cold before the meal.


Potion of Dracula

Ilash tanagul-Mala noht falla loocht-Ana thama-O’cul drako!
Only an unearthly ancient incantation has the power to contain the fiery Potion of Dracula in a bottle!
Cast it each time you open the flask, otherwise the wild and restless potion will instantly vanish into thin air!

Legend of Dracula

The Legend of Dracula begins in 1431, in Sighisoara, Transylvania, a region known for the picturesque beauty of the Carpathians.

Dracula makes a vow in order to become immortal and therefore becomes the most famous vampire who inspired hundreds of writers and directors.

Asleep for several centuries, Dracula returns to life, to tell his real story and to seek his lost love.

Conte Dracula – the Story

I’m Count Dracula – but for centuries I was known just as Vlad the Impaler, a fierce warrior in Eastern Europe. My portraits from the past are far from flattering. Look at it!
I close my eyes and remember myself – a long-haired, green-eyed mysterious-looking young man wishing to make a name for himself no matter how… Indeed, history has its way to make wishes come true.

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Brandy / Palinka


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